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UPDATE 1/2/2014

If you are on SharePoint 2013 Foundation then use ExportVersionHistory_SharePoint2010Foundation_R4 release WSP otherwise use ExportVersionHistory_R13 release WSP.

UPDATE 11/15/2013

The SharePoint 2013 Version of Export Version History is available at

UPDATE 9/5/2013

Two more features have been added in Export version history.

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Project Description
Export version history can be used to export the version history of SharePoint 2010 List items to Microsoft Excel. It provides button in Ribbon to do bulk export and also in the ECB menu to export single items.

Deployment steps:

Adding Solution:
stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\NY.ExportVersionHistory.wsp
Deploy Solution:
stsadm.exe -o deploysolution -name NY.ExportVersionHistory.wsp -immediate -allowgacdeployment

Go to the site collection where you want to activate the feature. The feature is scoped at Site collection level.

Export version History feature will be available in all types of lists like, Custom Lists, Tasks Lists, Document Libraries, Calenders etc as it is associated with item content type. 

For a user to use Export Version History,  ViewListItems  permissions are required.
The Export Version History button in the ribbon is enabled only, if the current list has versioning enabled and at least one item is selected in the list view webpart. Similarly ECB Menu item for exporting version history of an individual item is available only when the given list has versioning enabled.

Create a Task List and enable versioning in this list. Add few tasks to it and modify the tasks so that different versions are created. 


Select the items to export.

Following is the exported file in Excel:

Single item can be exported either from ribbon or also from ECB Menu item as shown:

Export version History behaves exactly the same way as Out of the box Version History works, that is:
  1. It only shows modified fields in each version.
  2. It shows versions based on draft item security.


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